Franciacorta, vigneti

Where to admire foliage in the province of Brescia

Autumn is knocking at the door, bringing emotions and nuances that only this season is able to offer.

If you, too, think that strolling among the autumn colours means finding the inner peace that you are craving after the vibrant summer days, you’re in the right place: here is a selection of the best locations in the province of Brescia to admire foliage in all its splendor!

Autumn emotions on Lake Iseo and Franciacorta

The best way to experience the autumn atmosphere? Enjoy it from a privileged vantage point: the hills of Franciacorta! Whether on foot, by bike or quad, a day among the vines in autumn is an experience not to be missed: discover all the possible routes here.


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A few minutes and here we are on Lake Iseo, with its historic villages overlooking the waters ready to be admired in all their autumn charm. From the village of Iseo to Pisogne, passing through Monte Isola and Sulzano, the towns along the lake are surrounded by magical scenery, ideal for a relaxing walk for the whole family!

A recommended walk, within everyone’s reach and among breathtaking scenery, is Parco Taxodi and Torbiere del Sebino peat bogs, where autumn boasts fairy-tale colours that are yours to capture:

Lake Garda between foliage and poetry

An area that amazes again and again: how about this spectacular view from Upper Lake Garda Park dressed in autumn clothes? Family trails, but also more challenging hikes: discover here all the perfect nature trails to experience in autumn!

Desenzano del Garda, Salò, Sirmione and much more. From peaks to towns, a tour of Lake Garda’s towns is the ideal choice to enjoy the chromatic spell of foliage up close! Here we are in the heart of Sirmione, just a short walk from Scaligeri Castle:

An explosion of autumn in Valle Camonica

With its extraordinary autumn hues, Camonica Valley is a backdrop worthy of the best artists. Have you ever visited the Saverio Occhi Bivouac at an altitude of 2,047 metres in Val Grande? Click here to learn about other must-do hikes.

How can you not fall under the spell of the foliage of two of the prettiest lakes in the Camonica Valley mountains, Lake Moro and Lake Aviolo? If the former is easily accessible by car from Darfo Boario Terme, the latter is all to conquer… but the finish line will repay you from all the effort!

Stroll through foliage in Sabbia Valley

A peaceful corner surrounded by magnificent natual autumn colours: don’t miss a walk on the shores of Lake Idro!

And there’s more! Situated between Lakes Idro and Garda, Valvestino with its beautiful lake is an authentic foliage gem. Find here the bike paths and hike trails not to miss for a plunge into pristine nature!

The magic of foliage in Brescia

Stunning at any time of year, in autumn Brescia exudes an irresistible charm, as evidenced by this wonderful glimpse of Piazza Paolo VI with its two Cathedrals:

After strolling through the historic centre, head to the symbol of the city, where foliage gives a truly unique natural spectacle: it’s Brescia’s Castle and the paths that surround it.

Continue to Parco Ducos, which turns from a favourite summer destination to shelter from the heat into a picturesque autumn painting:

Autumn views of Brescia’s plain

The itinerary to discover the special charm of foliage continues with a tour of the castles of Brescia’s plain. A shot from Borgo San Giacomo, home of Padernello Castle:

From silence to the sparkling lifestyle of Brescia’s small towns, Chiari and other towns on the plains await you for an aperitif while you stroll and admire the autumn colours:

The wonder of foliage in Trompia Valley

Find yourself with some good old hiking against the backdrop of incredible autumn hues: we are at Piani di Vaghezza, a small naturalistic paradise in Trompia Valley that offers incredible glimpses of the surrounding valleys. Vaghezza is crossed by Sentiero Tre Valli trail (3V), one of the most impressive hiking trails in the province.

What are your favorite shots of foliage in the province of Brescia? Share them with our community using the hashtag #visitbrescia!