Ageless paper and prints


Bernardo Guercio - Cartaria Del Garda

Via Bersaglio, 22 - Lonato del Garda (BS)
All year round excluding January, August, December.
Reservation 10 days in advance
2 hours
Min 2 - Max 8
Italian, French
€ 25 per Person

The secret of prestigious engravings and gildings

The experience

Bernardo and Alberto are father and son. They are today’s interpreters of the ancient art of printing using rigorous techniques modernised through a skillful innovation process. The elegance of the prints is absolutely stunning. It’s the unparalleled sophistication of using prestigious hand-crafted paper – like Carta Amalfi – combined with superior techniques such as paper embossing, hot gilding, and the noble art of calchography. This might be experts’ terminology, but everyone will be able to appreciate the beauty of the result. It is enough to enter their kindgom, look around, and gently touch the prints on display to understand their value: it is literally ageless.
The customisation and uniqueness of these prints is the quintessential element of the shop’s production of business cards, letter paper, wedding invitations, and artistic printing.
It will be an honor, for us, to work in the workshop and produce a small print using superior-quality paper and a manual printing machine. With the guidance of the Guercios, we will challenge ourselves in the predisposition
of wooden letter blocks, inking, and printing. A luxury to admire and experience!

Aimed at

Adults, people passionate about typography, prestigious paper, and elegant prints.
Those who want to admire beauty and learn the value of traditional techniques.

What to bring


What you bring home

A ton of knowledge and the discovery of the ageless beauty of this artisanal masterpieces. The small print (bookmark, invitation) created using traditional techniques.

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