Ancient mosaic art inspires modern jewelry design


Paola Ducoli - Fashion Jewelry

All year round, all days. 48 hour notice.
1 hour
Min 2 - Max 6
€ 20 per person

From broken glass to bright tile

The experience

Mosaic art is so old, almost ancestral, but also so malleable that it perfectly fits into contemporary taste. Paola’s talent lies exactly here: she is fully aware that she has the freedom to master this art and incorporate it in the way she designs her jewels, even making it the soul of her pieces.
Just like in ancient decorations, the coloured golden tiles bestow regality and timelessness to her bold, theatrical creations; they sublimate the personality of the woman who wears them.
All the tiles are rigorously cut by hand and combined to create an exclusive jewel; its colour shades and light reflections produce a remarkable theatrical effect.
Passion is the core element, ancient craftmanship is the preferred tool, and innovative vision is the essential value: this mixture guides Paola’s work as she develops these precious fashion accessories.
During the exclusive visit to her atelier, we will see some of the stages of glass processing and we will also try to cut it ourselves. Easy? We’ll see!
We will also be able to try on jewels from various collections: beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and subtly eye-catching.
If it is true that jewels are a dream that is worth living… Everyone come gets their dream!

Aimed at

Persone che apprezzano la manualità e la tradizione artigiana italiana, che amano il gusto e lo stile della moda Made in Italy.

What to bring


What you bring home

The professionalism and boldness of Paola. The exclusive visit to her atelier and the possibility to try on the jewels on display. A 40% discount voucher for the purchase of one item.

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