Artistic pottery to warm your home and your heart


RADA snc di Ruggero Ronchi - Artistic replicas made by artists

Via Maestà 17 - Prevalle (BS)
All year round. 48 hour notice
1,5 hrs
Min 4 - Max 10
€ 5 per person

Hand-painted electric heaters

The experience

Ruggero’s fascinating offering under the Rada brand emphasises the potential of ceramics: a strong, versatile raw material which has stood the test of time. What is innovative about his production is both the low-consumption, carbon fibre and ceramic heaters and the painted tiles which are customized with grace and style by professional artists.
A sustainable product which can be powered also by solar panels. The visit to the workshop and showroom reveals the different stages of production and displays ceramic pigments, looms, and ovens, as well as the finished product ready to be used in your home.
Everyone can create and customise the design of their home, following their own feelings and creativity by applying the techniques of interior design learnt here.
A one-of-a-kind experience full of pleasant surprises, from learning about space heating to a new philosophy combining artisanal traditions and a sophisticated creative spirit.

Aimed at

Adults, families, and children. Construction experts, architects, people renovating their homes, people interested in green building.

What you bring home

The discovery of a rather unknown kind of innovation and artisanal activity. Ruggero’s professionalism; he will explain all about his ceramic tile heaters.


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