Vintage cars as colourful as a phoenix


ROBERTO TOGNASSI - Vintage car restoration

Carrozzeria GT
Via Artigianale, 8
Montirone (BS) - 25010

By reservation with 48hrs notice.
Contact persone: Mrs. Marianna.
2 hrs
Min 2 - Max 10
Italiano, English, French (other languages upon request)
€ 20 per person

The art of restoring the Mille Miglia cars

Roberto Tognassi Carrozzeria GT restauro auto epoca

The experience

In Roberto’s body shop and Lorenzo’s mechanic’s shop, vintage cars of every kind and age are reborn and hit the road again!
These are places of worship for motor lovers. Here, even scrap pieces can regain their dignity! It is right from these pieces that expert analytical eyes and precise hands start to completely refurbish these vintage cars. These workshops take care of a wreck, a dead body, and transform it to make it look exactly as it was when it was first manufactured.
Everywhere, body pieces, bonnets, dashboards, lights as large as watermelons, fur-covered steering wheels, and pilots impatient to sit on the completely refurbished driver’s seat make the space lively and shiny.
Roberto loves all the cars as if they were his daughters. We follow his every steps while he shows us and tells the story of one car or the other, and how he restored them. He talks about tools, equipment, the manual skills, and the passion of the whole team.
These mythological creatures are now ready to ride. They are like a colourful phoenix. We are honoured to have been able to see them and take a picture on board our favourite one. Mille Miglia is the best!

Aimed at

Car and motor lovers, people interested in the history and legacy of legendary events like Mille Miglia. Vintage car owners who want their car to be reborn again, like a phoenix.

What to bring


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