At the table with Bagòss, the King of Bagolino


Az. Agricola Buccio Mario – La Malga del Re – breeders and dairy farmers

La Malga del Re
Via Sant'Anna, 37 – Bagolino (BS)
All year round
Saturdays and Sundays
Reservation 10 days in advance
2 hours
Min 5 – Max 15
Italian, English
€ 15 per person

Gestures, tastes , and history of a family and its cheese

Gianluca Buccio Malga del Re

The experience

“Heart and arms, passion and tradition. This is the only way we know how to make cheese.” This is the mantra of the Buccio family, what accompanies them in their daily work, and what they explain to “Malga del Re” customers. Because if it is true that Bagòss is born from Bagolino’s good cow’s milk and a pinch of saffron, it is equally true that you need to also have love for your region and the desire to preserve and innovate this great cheese-making tradition. The result is Bagòss, produced with milk of Braunvieh cows grazing in Bagolino’s pastures. “Malga del Re” mountain cowshed is specialized in the production of this fantastic cheese, which the Buccios age up to 6 years.
This operation is being revived by numerous mountain lovers and those who are passionate about traditional healthy products. We want to join in and learn more about Bagòss and the Buccio family. Gianluca is our tour leader. Surrounded by cheese wheels, he explains the stages of Bagòss production and how the work day is organised. We will enjoy a guided tasting of the “Re” (King) and other mountain products served with local marinated vegetables, jams, polenta, and an excellent glass of red wine.
In the warm season, those who are interested can reach the pastures and visit the on-site production: sip the milk and wave to the cows!

Aimed at

Adults, families, and children. Gourmands who can’t miss the opportunity to try quality local products. Lovers of healthy, artfully served dishes.

What to bring


What you bring home

The rediscovery of a world that has almost disappeared and that follows the rhythm of nature, the warm welcoming of the Buccio family, a top-notch tasting, and a piece of “Bagolino’s gold.”

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