Bold wines on the slopes of Camonica Valley


Via Monte Grappa, 5 – Piamborno (BS)
Every day. 48 hours advance booking.
2 hours
Min 2
Italian, English
€ 25 per person

Bold wines on the slopes of Camonica Valley

Cantina Bignotti Valle Camonica

The experience

Andrea and Marco are the youngest members of the Luscietti-Bignotti family business. They have the honor (and the responsibility) of managing the historic Camonica Valley winery. They put effort and passion in their work, interpreting the vocation of this mostly hilly and mountainous land which breeds strong cultivars. The terraced vineyards develop on steep slopes, sometimes exceeding 70%, and produce remarkable wines. The first Camonica Valley wine bottle was produced in 1998. Cultivar delle Volte red wine is a blend of Merlot and Barbera; it is the produce of the historical vines cultivated by nonno Pietro since the fifties.
The new generation of wine makers welcomes us in the wine cellar between steel tanks and oak barrels and offers us a comprehensive experience: they explain the production techniques, the bottling process, and an introduction to specific sommelier terminology during our wine tasting. We will look at different glass shapes and how they enhance bouquet and taste, and will train our noses to detect the aromatic ingredients hidden in a glass of white, aged and young reds, or a prestigious traditional method champagne.

Aimed at

Adults, families, and children. Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts who are interested in wine making techniques and the terminology used by AIS, the Italian Sommelier Association.

What to bring


What you bring home

The history of a family, intertwined with wine and mountain.
A tasting of bold wines and local produce accompanied by a professional technical explanation.


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