Brescia Underground

What’s hiding under the streets of Brescia? Which canals and rivers flow near the foundations of the city’s buildings? Follow Brescia Underground’s guides along this underground itinerary full of surprises.

Brescia Underground: urban hiking to discover the underground city

Old rivers, underground canals, and streams. The team of Brescia Underground will take you on a tour to discover the city from below and admire the stunning infrastructure built over the centuries. You will be surprised by how many canals used to criss-cross the city to transport goods. They are evidence of a past time where canals and rivers were at the core of the economic and commercial activity of the region.

Visite guidate a Brescia sotterranea con Brescia Underground

Along well-designed itineraries, the expert and passionate guides of Brescia Underground will share anecdotes and stories of Brescia’s past. It’s a magical, evocative experience. An unforgettable tour to discover our ancestors’ traditions and how they are still connected to today’s Brescia.

These are the goals of Brescia Underground: provide an unforgettable experience and share their knowledge of Brescia’s past through its underground beauties. For this purpose, the association has positioned 13 kiosks along the main streets in the city centre with information on the city’s history and culture. A fruitful cooperation with the municipal institutions to serve citizens and tourists.

How to join a Brescia Underground tour

Tours are only upon reservation following the instructions on the official website of Brescia Underground, in the section “Public Tours”. The cost ranges from € 5 to € 10 depending on the itinerary.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing. The tour of the underground rivers is open for over 14 only; gloves, warm socks, and a torch are required. More information is available on the official website.