Castello di Brescia

Brescia upside-down

Brescia upside-down: the secrets of underground Brescia

Brescia is awaiting you… even underground!

After you have visited the squares, museums, mansions, and historic monuments of Brescia, it’s time to discover its underground wonders. Are you ready for this exciting journey?

Brescia’s old rivers and canals

A maze of underground canals, old rivers, and streams. This unexpected side of Brescia right under its historic centre tells us the story of when, a long time ago, canals and rivers were the backbone of commerce and mercantile activities.

Thanks to the tours organised by Associazione Brescia Underground, you will have the opportunity to explore dungeons, grottos, and tunnels created by underground rivers to understand the history of our civilisation and visit the underground infrastructure of different periods of time.

Trekking urbano tra i sotterranei di Brescia

For information and reservations: Associazione Brescia Underground

The underground secrets of Brescia’s Castle

The excitement continues in the grottos and dungeons of Brescia’s Castle, one of the symbols of the city. With Associazione Speleologica Bresciana you will enjoy an incredible urban speleology experience in the underground structure of the Castle, found during archaeological excavations under Cidneo hill.

From the first examples dating from the Roman age to the vast underground defense system built during the Venetian domination, the tour will lead you inside towers, old cannon placements, armouries, water tanks, and the Visconti tower and fortified triangle in the heart of the castle. To move from one place to the other you will use the castle’s complex system of communication trenches and tunnels. 

For information and reservations: Associazione Speleologica Bresciana