Camonica Valley

via roma - Darfo Boario Terme

Camonica Valley


The history of Humankind is represented in the Rock Engravings, first UNESCO site in Italy. The development of customs, techniques, and rituals was engraved in the course of centuries on large smooth rocks.


Camonica Valley is a true treasure chest full of invaluable artistic and historical jewels, dating from ancient times. Start in Pisogne, where in the church of Santa Maria della Neve you can admire frescos by Romanino. Continue to Capo di Ponte, where you can visit the Rock Engraving Park. There are thousands of engravings on large rocks, dating from the Neolithic Age (mid-1400 B.C.) This site is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List and represents a very educational, unusual and fun experience that you don’t want to miss.

Two theme parks add to the fun for the whole family: Archeopark in Boario Terme and Graffitipark in Capo di Ponte.


The church of San Martino, built in the small mid-valley village of Cerveno in the 17th century, contains an outstanding Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) composed of 198 real-size statues, engraved in poplar wood.

This treasure, completed in 1765 by sculptor Beniamino Simoni, but in part also made by the Fantoni brothers and Milan sculptor Giovanni Selleroni, is an extremely valuable artwork and notable example of traditional craftsmanship.
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