Casoncelli bresciani

One of Brescia’s culinary must-try dishes is casoncelli bresciani stuffed pasta, much appreciated throughout northern Italy and by foreign tourists. Experiencing the Brescia region also means tasting its traditional food and wine, the feather in the cap which enabled Brescia to receive the European Region of Gastronomy designation in 2017 together with the provinces of Bergamo, Cremona and Mantua.

Get ready to delight your taste buds: discover where the best casoncelli bresciani are produced and which are the recommended local wine pairings.

Casoncelli bresciani, a tradition dating back to more than six centuries ago

Casonsèi” (as they are called in local dialect) were born in the 15th century. Their preparation requires expert hands and quality ingredients. Traditional casoncelli bresciani have very thin dough, which enhances the flavour of the filling, typically made with grated stale bread and cheese – depending on your preferences, you can use Grana Padano or Bagòss. However, there are several versions of casoncelli: in the village of Longhena they are prepared with a spinach or Swiss chard-based filling, while in Camonica Valley the recipe calls for meat or vegetables. A special mention goes to casoncelli di Barbariga, which received the De.Co. local quality designation and are famous because of their rich filling containing grated Grana Padano, breadcrumbs, ham, spinach or Swiss chard, meat broth and nougat. What about the sauce? The simpler the better: melted butter, sage, and abundant Grana Padano.

Casoncelli bresciani paired with renowned local wines

The best way to enjoy casoncelli bresciani is by pairing them with excellent wines. First on the list is Franciacorta Brut or Extra Brut, which particularly fits this traditional dish because of its elegance and intense taste and smell. Excellent alternatives are local reds such as Cellatica DOC and Botticino DOC. To find your perfect pairing, just come and try casoncelli!