Castello di Brescia

Castle of Brescia

Via Castello - Brescia


The Cidneo hill on which the castle stands was inhabited since Prehistory.

During the Roman Age, a grandiose temple was erected on the hill. Since the Middle Ages, the top of the hill has been fortified: first the Mirabella Tower was built, then the Visconti Keep in the 14th century, and the bastions and storage buildings during the Venetian domination. After entering through the imposing 16th century entrance, which once had a drawbridge, you reach the panoramic gardens and the castle’s two museums.

The Risorgimento Museum is housed in the Grande Miglio building and displays items and documents from the Italian Unification Wars period, in particular relating to the events that involved Brescia and its region from Napoleon’s domination to Italian Unification.

The core of the exhibit is the Luigi Marzoli collection, which showcases Milan and Brescia arms production from the 15th to the 18th centuries and is a testimony of the exquisiteness and artistic significance of Brescia’s craftsmanship.

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