Castles in the western plain

The small journey pedalling among Oglio River castles reveals a markedly rural landscape and the history of the area, strongly linked to the presence of the big river. The riverbanks south of Lake Iseo are steep at times, embellished in part by the presence of the remaining original woods and interesting vegetation.

Biking is the ideal way to learn about the charm of this landscape where you find large busy roads but also small countryside roads with low traffic.
The itinerary to discover Oglio River castles starts from Orzinuovi, where you can park in the southern portion of the town by the intersection of Viale Isonzo and Via Castelbarco. You start riding on the latter until you reach the small village of Barco, built around an ancient feudal castle. You then continue south towards Bompensiero until you reach Villachiara with Martinengo castle. A couple of kilometres further south, you arrive to Villagana (Martinengo Museum inside the castle) and continue pedalling among the fields until you arrive close to the river and by the fork for Acqualunga oxbow lake. After passing the small village of Acqualunga, you will find the sign for Borgo San Giacomo: turn left. The following road continues north; continue until a roundabout and turn right towards Padernello. At the following turn, make a left towards the centre of Borgo San Giacomo.
You go north across town until you enter Via Roma; turn left at the fork for Farfengo. You will find the directions for Padernello in the centre of the village. Once in Padernello, you can admire the castle and moat in the southern part of the village.

Continue pedalling north until the intersection and turn left, continue
until Coniolo. This takes you back to the municipality of Orzinuovi. Once at the intersection by the church, turn left and continue until the small village of Rossa and shortly after Orzinuovi. In the square called Piazza Garibaldi, less than one kilometre from your departure place, you will find the office of Parco Oglio Nord overlooking San Giorgio fortress.


Point of departure and arrival: Orzinuovi, altitude 82m

Length: 33 km

Difference in height: 12 m

Type of bicycle required: city bike

Difficulty: EASY