Parco delle Fucine e Ferrate di Casto

Casto Forge Park


Vie Ferrate di Casto - Casto

Casto Forge Park (Parco delle Fucine e Ferrate di Casto) is in a valley where children and adults can enjoy sports and activities immersed in wonderful nature. Wear your climbing harness and get ready to climb rock walls, choose the best trail for your hiking excursion, or simply relax by the small lake!

Attractions for all ages in a unique, charming environment

Set between two valleys, Valle Trompia and Valle Sabbia, Casto Forge Park looks like a beautiful, picturesque painting depicting nature, sports, and relaxation. Via ferrata (iron ways), climbing walls, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, Tibetan bridges, an incredible canyon created by rock erosion, zip lines, and excursion circuits are scattered along a ring about m 1,700 long.

Ferrate di Casto Parco delle Fucine
A variety of difficulty levels and attractions for all tastes make Casto Forge Park a true goldmine for leisure and sports practice. The experience is enhanced by the historical itinerary where you will observe what remains of an old industrial site abandoned in 1930. Among the well preserved, very visible remains are six forges, one foundry, one mill, and one lime kiln.

The park is easy to reach by car following the road from Casto to Alone. A large parking lot is available. Climbing gear can be rented on-site.

Children’s park and lake relaxation

Forge Park is a fun, entertaining experience for the whole family: everyone can choose what they like best: the most challenging via ferrata or a walk along one of the trails. When you are ready for a break, relax by the lake alternating some rest with the thrill of the zip line passing right above. You can also introduce children to hiking with thanks to the children’s park.

Of course, you can also eat there: visit Càa dele Strèe by the lake and the parking lot and Rifugio Paradiso mountain restaurant managed by Alpini (Alpine troops) and volunteers, open on Sundays and during holidays.

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