Charlemagne Way

Charlemagne Way is an itinerary of about 100 km connecting Lovere to Ponte di Legno. This old route owes its name to the legendary conquest of Camonica Valley by Charlemagne, attested by the construction – at that time – of several churches and by episodes related to the Christian knights following him.

Today, the route is a true immersion in the history and art of this surprising valley, famous worldwide for the  8 parks listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From Lovere to Ponte di Legno among nature, medieval towns, and rock engravings

Cammino Carlo Magno

Lovere, one of the Most beautiful small towns in Italy, on the right side of the Oglio river looking downstream. The route has 5 legs with an average length of 18 km.

  1. Lovere – Boario Terme (about 16.4 km);
  2. Boario Terme – Breno (16 km);
  3. Breno – Grevo (17.8 km);
  4. Grevo – Edolo (20 km);
  5. Edolo – Ponte di Legno (21.7 km).

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The route crosses fascinating landscapes and touches important churches, towns, and historical sites. Among the not-to-miss stops are Lake Moro, a small gem nestled in the mountains above Darfo Boario Terme; Foppe di Nadro Rock Engraving Park; and Naquane Rock Engraving Park in Capo di Ponte, the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Camonica Valley. The mountains by Ponte di Legno and Tonale are criss-crossed by Great War trails, some of which are still walkable today.

Charlemagne Way: technical information

Medium difficulty. The route stretches for the most part half-way up the mountains. Altitude varies between 208 (Lovere) and 1,258 m. above sea level (Ponte di Legno) Recommended time of the year: spring through autumn.

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