Birrificio Trami

Nicola Trami

Birrificio F.lli Trami
Via Trento, 140/A
25020 – Capriano del Colle (BS)
All year round
All days - By reservation with 48hrs notice
2 hours (at 10:30-12:30 or 17:00-19:00)
Min 2 - Max 16
Italian, English, French. Other languages available at an extra cost.
€ 19,90 per person

Beer and ski – Downhill passion

Birrificio Trami

 The experience

Nicola welcomes us at the brewery; the symbiosis between this production site and his daily life is so strong, that it’s like he opening the doors to his own house. This passion is made clear by the tone of his voice, his word choice, and the way he touches the beer bottles that he shows us and opens to let us taste the work of the master brewer. These craft beers are the product of constant research and experimentation. The Trami brothers have been producing for ten years. Malt, barley, and hops are carefully selected. Other ingredients include wheat, local honey, and… the secrets of the master brewer.

The experience starts with the brewery tour, led by experienced, passionate Nicola. Then, bottles pop open and glasses are filled. Fantastic! Trami beers are named after famous ski slopes. Start your descent! First, the sensory analysis inebriates your nose and stimulates you palate. Then, the actual tasting will keep you want for more. It will come with excellent local cured meats and cheeses. It’s an absolutely unforgettable “ski” experience.

Aimed at

Ski and premium beer lovers. Those who are passionate about artisanal products.

What to bring


What you bring home

The magic of water turning into excellent beer. The competence and creativity of the Trami team. A one-of-a-kind ski experience!

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