Diocesan Museum in Brescia


VIA GASPARO Da SALÒ, 13 - Brescia

Just steps from Piazza Loggia, Brescia’s Diocesan Museum is a treasure trove of artistic objects. Hosted inside a stunning 16th-century building, one of the most appreciated collections is the one dedicated to liturgical garments, among the most significant in Italy.

Museo Diocesano, Brescia

Visitors are welcomed in the large main cloister, an elegant structure with a beautiful cherry tree in the middle.

Museo Diocesano collections: from painting to liturgical garments

The second floor of Diocesan Museum hosts precious permanent collections divided into four sections: painting and sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, religious jewelry, and liturgical garments.

The painting section includes masterpieces such as Madonna and Child by Paolo Veneziano, St. Orsola Polyptych by Antonio Vivarini, and beautiful works by Romanino, Moretto, Tintoretto, Tiepolo. It’s a pictorial journey encompassing five hundred years – from the 14th to the 18th centuries – showcasing the most celebrated Brescian and Venetian artists of their time.

The museum also displays religious jewelry from the second half of the 15th century. Some illuminated manuscripts date back from the 12th century and are invaluable examples of this art; among them the small Rule of the confraternity of St. Faustino and Giovita in Collio is worth a mention.

Museo Diocesano di Brescia, Codici Miniati

Finally, the collection of liturgical garments is of utmost importance. It was opened in 2007 and contains about 100 precious vestments, in particular Venetian and French fabrics with wonderful embroideries.  

The museum also organises educational activities and cultural initiatives. We also recommend visiting the monumental church of St. Giuseppe attached to the museum. Today, it is used as venue for events and religious music concerts.


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