Discover the secrets of Brescia’s Castle

Brescia’s Castle is one of the symbols of the city. It’s a fascinating place loved by the young and families. It now opens its secret areas through guided tours promoted by Associazione Speleologica Bresciana.

Guided tours of the castle with Associazione Speleologica Bresciana

La strada del soccorso al Castello di Brescia
Castello di Brescia – La strada del soccorso- ©Comune di Brescia- Ph Christian Penocchio

Schools, families, adults, groups: the speleological association offers guided tours led by expert guides to the most hidden corners of Brescia’s Castle. The itineraries are exciting but easy, suitable for children too.

The initiative is called “Discover the secrets of the Castle” and has a variety of itineraries to choose from: the oldest part, water tanks, inside the bastions, and so on. Thanks to the association, you will be able to see parts of Brescia’s castle which are typically not open to the public. Competent guides will entertain you with interesting narrations. It will be a memorable journey through the history of this great city monument.

Associazione Speleologica Brescia has a longstanding commitment to explore and promote the underground beauties of Brescia and its province. At the moment, almost 1,000 grottos were counted and explored in the province of Brescia. Some can only be accessed if accompanied by expert speleologists. For more information on this activity, visit the official website of ASB.

Discover the secrets of the Castle: reservations, prices, and tips

Underground tours of the Castle are available every weekend from April to October. Reservation is required a few days in advance.

Tours are confirmed only when a minimum number of participants is reached. Prices range from € 5 to € 12 for adults and € 2 to € 5 for children. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes and bringing one torch for each participant.

For more information, visit the page dedicated to Castle tours on ASB’s official website.