Divine Infant Museum


A one-of-a-kind collection composed of hundreds of sacred artistic pieces dedicated to Baby Jesus.

It’s the Divine Infant Museum in Gardone Riviera, an incredible collection created by German collector Ms. Hiky Mayr, who personally takes care of the restoration and preservation of this incredibly important historic and cultural heritage.

Museo Il Divino Infante - Gesù Bambino coricato e dormiente
Museo Il Divino Infante – Gesù Bambino coricato e dormiente / Divine Infant Museum – Baby Jesus laying down and sleeping

Ancient statues, art objects, vintage artefacts made of carved polychrome wood, wax, terracotta, and papier-mâché: this precious collection documents the iconographic representation of Baby Jesus in sculpture, with no limitations to the choice of material.

From the infant naked and wrapped in a swaddling blanket to a young king in rich clothes, not forgetting the most traditional representation of Jesus: over four centuries of art and antiquity combine in an incredibly evocative collection which clearly shows the passion of its owner.

Museo Il Divino Infante - Gesù Bambino

In addition to Divine Infant representations, there are magnificent 19th century statues of Neapolitan nativity scenes and extremely rare sculptures of Mary as a child, all perfectly restored.

Visiting Divine Infant Museum

Divine Infant Museum is in Gardone Riviera, on the western coast of Lake Garda, about 500 m away from Vittoriale degli Italiani. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits and parallel exhibitions.

For opening hours and prices, visit the dedicated page on the official website.


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