Forests and mines in Val Grigna

Located on the left side of mid- Valle Camonica, Val Grigna is a valley rich in naturalistic highlights. You can ride across part of the valley on your mountain bike along a challenging itinerary that will satisfy even the most demanding bikers. From Breno, you cover the entire long road which leads to Passo Croce Domini, but once there you keep climbing on the dirt road on the right leading to Passo Maniva. When you reach the ruins of a barrack after Lago di Lavena (lake), leave the road and go right until you reach Malga Lavena cowshed.

Continue downhill until Casinone di Arcina and once there turn right until Malga Arcina, immersed in a charming natural setting.

You ford a stream and then cross the bridge over the stream coming from Valle Travagnolo, and a little further at a fork you continue left on asphalt. When you reach “Ponte dei Signori” bridge, cross it and you will soon find another fork: take the road to the right and go downhill, crossing another bridge followed by a short ascending stretch. At the subsequent fork, go right following the sign for Bienno, which is also marked with a tricolour sign as the path dedicated to “Brigata Fiamme Verdi Ferruccio Lorenzini”.

The descent develops along a narrow asphalt road which runs along the right orographic side of Val Grigna, at a higher altitude than the stream. You pass the small chapel of “Santel de Parais”, and one kilometre after it you come to a fork where you go left and continue downhill. After passing under the pressure pipes you arrive to the industrial zone; cross a bridge and reach the stop sign in front of the cemetery where you turn left between the houses. You then leave the municipality of Prestine and enter the municipality of Bienno north of the town; you engage uphill to reach the top of the last slight climb and can then ride your mountain bike along the panoramic descent which leads you back to Breno.


Point of departure and arrival: Breno, altitude 670m

Closest railway station: Breno (

Length: 48 km

Difference in height: 1670m

Type of bicycle required: mountain bike

Difficulty: MEDIUM