Fragrant flours of the Garda shores


Agricultural cooperative - Farine Tipiche del Lago di Garda

Via Garibaldi 14, Bedizzole (BS)
All year
Every Sunday morning, or any day of the week with 5 days advance booking.

1,5 hours
Italian (English, French, Polish upon reservation)
€ 8 adults (children free)

Stories of mills, millers and flours of the past

The experience

There is an Italian expression: “If you go to the mill, expect to get covered in flour”. In other words: be ready for the consequences of your actions. This was certainly outcome the cooperative anticipated, when they restored the windmill and began milling local corn with the old millstone ten years ago. They call their produce “Farine del Garda” because it is made from grains grown in the area of the lake by a team of heroically tireless, visionary farmers. Records of the mill date back to 1184, and it still uses a traditional millstone made in 1850 almost entirely of wood. This ancient processing method respects the fragrances and flavours released by the grains – a fact that does not go unnoticed by visitors: “Wow, the smell!” is the typical reaction upon first entering the mill!
And this is how the experience begins. Fragrances that fill the nostrils, sights the eyes will hardly believe and millers’ stories that stick in your mind like glue.
Flour that runs through your fingers, bringing back memories of oven-warm bread, grandma’s fresh tagliatalle and polenta simmering in a pan suspended over the hearth.
You will also get to taste some of the mill’s products and a slice of toasted polenta with some delicious local cold cuts.
The proud restoration of the Bedizzole Mill to her former glory is a story Stefano and Enzo will be only too happy to explain and share with you.

Aimed at

Adults and families with children.

What to bring


What you bring home

The power of tradition and authenticity.
The fragrances and flavours of white and yellow flours!
A packet of flour from the mill.

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Our mill is located at the beginning of a beautiful walk – “Parco Airone” – along the Chiese river.
It is also possible to see the archaeological remains of an ancient mallet.


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