Lake Garda lavender



Località Gruppo Rovere, 2
Via Mapella
25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS)
This activity is upon reservation only. Programme and tasting change depending on the season. The experience is divided into experiential tours and seasonal hands-on courses.
Spring and autumn: visit to the lavender field and distillation demonstration at the farm
Summer: visit to the lavender field, lavender flower harvest, and distillation demonstration at the farm
Winter: distillation demonstration at the farm or hands-on lessons on cream or fragrance preparation using essential oils.
Upon reservation, specialised hands-on courses are available.
The experience includes three separate 30-minute sessions for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes: visit of the field, explanation and preparation of the product, and tasting. It is possible to add modules for a more in-depth experience. Special courses are customised and scheduled upon request.
Min 4 - Max 15 adult participants 14 years and older. Upon reservation, it is possible to organise specific programmes aimed at children until 13 years of age (min 4 - max 15 participants)
Italian and basic English. Interpreting is available upon request
From € 10.00 per person

Harvest and distillation of the ancient officinal plant

cesto con lavanda

In the Preserve “Corridoio morenico delle Colline del Garda” (Lake Garda hills morainic corridor), Officina delle Erbe del Garda, a certified organic farm, offers a tour of their lavender field, combined with harvest by hand and steam distillation to immediately extract the precious essential oil and the herbal distillate. This is an opportunity to become more familiar with lavender and its important health properties: antiseptic, analgesic, bactericidal, healing, deodorant, antiparasitic, anti-migraine, relaxing, and much more.

In the 17th century cowshed of Gruppo Rovere old farm, educational workshops are offered where guests participate to the preparation of the products: flowers are manually predisposed, the distilling equipment is set up, and essential oils are extracted from the plant tissue through steam transfer. Drops of this precious and highly fragrant essential oil can be observed during the process. Finally, a small sweet and savoury tasting is offered, with homemade products featuring saffron and herbs.

Lavender is harvested in the summer, at dawn or late afternoon when the bees stop collecting nectar. This officinal herb can be distilled even when dry, so it is possible to enjoy the distillation experience all year round.

Aimed at

Couples, families with children, active tourists, sports lovers, and all those who value nature, cultivation by hand, and organic products.

What is included

Visit of the field, explanation of the activity, small tasting.

What is not included

Everything not mentioned above.

Suggested attire

Comfortable clothes and low shoes. In the winter, boots and winter jacket.


All activities take place at ground level.


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