Giotto and Michelangelo’s colourful palette


Via Elia Capriolo, 17 - Brescia
From Monday to Friday
Reservation 7 days in advance.
2 hours
min 2 – max 6
Italian and English
€ 35,00 per person

From natural pigments to artistic touches

Bottega Giangualano Brescia titolari

The experience

Ivana is a historian and artist, just like her father. Renato, the founder of the studio and one of the first graduates in restoration in the Brescia region, taught her the secrets of the job and developed in her passion and talent. Father and daughter both have extensive professional experience abroad; they share their expertise and techniques which enable them to bring old works of art back to life. Their hands and eyes move with precision on frames, canvases, frescoes, and poly-chromatic wooden carvings which are everywhere in their studio. It is a real enjoyment to see them at work and look at their restorations: the artistic value of these pieces is priceless. They come from churches, ancient mansions, or small households where creativity and beauty are highly regarded.
The studio is in a historic palace with frescoes from the 16th and 18th century that they restored. Entering here is already a valuable experience. After the visit, it is our turn to get to work. Ivana will take us back to the times of Giotto and Michelangelo; just like they used to do, we will compose our own palette. We will start from the beginning, from the pigments – natural powders and colours – and will use the Masters’ technique to grind them with a marble mortar, add water, and create the colouring paste. We will use our very own paint and a brush to paint on paper. We have become expert painters: able to handle the raw material and deliver skillful artistic touches. How gratifying!

Aimed at

Adults, families with children. Those who are passionate about restoration and history, painting, art, and beauty.

What to bring


What you bring home

The excitement in our eyes for seeing the frescoes while listening to Ivana’s words.
The paper painted with the Masters’ colour.
The “Hidden painting”, a unique restorer’s kit to continue the experience at home.

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