Kneading and raising: the aroma of bread


Pasticceria Bazzoli – Bread and pastry makers

Via Mazzini , 49
Odolo (BS)
April to September, from Monday to Thursday
Reservation 3 days in advance.
2 hours
Min 2 - Max 8
€ 15 per person

Backstage access to a bakery and pastry shop

Beniamino Bazzoli della Pasticceria Panificio Linea Pane

The Experience

Bazzoli is first of all a large family. Their shop combines bakers and pastry chefs who work with healthy ingredients to produce innovative, yet faithful to tradition creations. These are master artisans; the limited amount of appliances present in the shop are just an enhancement of the experience and creativity of the skillful hands of the chefs.
Many want to open the doors of the workshop and step inside to see where the mother yeast makes fragrant doughs raise. Beniamino, baker and interpreter of the Bread Line of the company, is proud to welcome us and show us his little secrets.
He explains the accurate ingredient selection process and modern bread making techniques. Words are not all: there will be hands who roll, stretch, and shape the dough. Flour all around and the smell of delicious things tickling your nose.
While the dough raises and bakes in the over, we will visit the bakery and taste some healthy, well-deserved samples of the best Bazzoli products.
What else could you wish for? Bread is the essence of life!

Aimed at

Adults, families with children. Those who are passionate about bread and pastries, aspiring master pastry chefs.

What to bring


What you bring home

The marvellous world of a real bakery workshop. A bread recipe and the master’s tips. Perfectly kneaded and baked bread.

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