Lake fish

Around Lake Garda tourists can enjoy several different types of lake sh. Amongst them, the grilled European white sh, poached pike served with olive oil, anchovies and capers, as well as the perch, cut into llets, crumbed and later cooked in butter.

An absolute treat is the carp, a salmonid sh which only lives in the deepest water of this lake, thus making it very dif cult to catch. We recommend you try it gently cooked (steamed) and served with a drizzle of olive oil — from Lake Garda, obviously.

Baked tinch is Clusane di Iseo’s traditional dish, whilst dried sardines and European chubs are strictly associated with Montisola’s shing tradition and are still cooked following the original recipes.

Last but not least, from the clear and rich-in- sh water of the Lake Idro, the trout jumps directly into the pan, seasoned with a drizzle of olive oil, or is either boiled or grilled.


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