Lake Garda Walk and Cycle Path

Lake Garda walk and cycle path, the most spectacular track in Europe

The most spectacular track in Europe is finally here! We are talking about Lake Garda’s Walk and Cycle Path, an incredible road perched over the lake waters. 2 outstanding kilometres of track connect Limone with the town limit of Riva del Garda and the Autonomous Province of Trento. The track is extremely safe.

It is the first stage of a large mobility project for pedestrians and bikers. This project will be completed in the next few years to create a circular path around the whole lake.

2 km perched over Lake Garda and a breathtaking view

Lake Garda Walk and Cycle Path, as authorities stress, is aimed at families with children, slow bikers, and all those who want to enjoy a spectacular view surrounded by peace and quiet. This is a slow tourism itinerary where respect and contemplation are the essential components of the experience. The speed limit is 10 km/h. Bikers who want to race faster must continue to use the coastal road.

To access the new Walk and Bike Path, it is recommended to park in Limone del Garda and continue by bike or on food. At the end of the path, on both ends, while the circuit is still under construction, it is best to turn around and go back to enjoy the incredible panoramas one more time.

The path is also open at night as it is equipped with effective LED lighting. This is an environmentally sustainable structure which is visible but also harmoniously blends into the landscape. Also, it’s very romantic!