Lake Idro and Valle Sabbia


Lake Idro is the ideal destination for lovers of peace, relaxa- tion and extreme sport.
Nestled between the mountains of Valle Sabbia and the Lombard Pre-Alps, on the border of Trentino, it is caressed by a light and constant wind that, without disturbing the bathers, gives joy to those who practice sailing, sur ng and kitesur ng or shing in its clear water.

Situated at 368 metres above sea level, Lake Idro is the highest of the pre-Alpine lakes in Lombardy: on the map it looks like a “small drop”, 12 km long and 2 km wide. Here you can nd several campsites and ideal places for those who love outdoor life, shing and long walks in the country- side.

However, the gentle and peaceful soul of the Valle Sabbia and Lake Idro must not hide the fact that the surround-
ing mountains are the ideal gymnasium for young people: mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, canyoning and lots of other sports full of adrenaline even for the most expert athletes, for a dynamic and fun holiday.


The Valle Sabbia reaches the Alpine peaks of the high Valle del Caffaro, andincludes a large part of the Eastern Prealps of Brescia. The S-shaped Lake Idro, which is 368m above sea level and is fed by the waters of the riv- er Chiese, is the only touch of blue in the valley – everything else is green. The valleys that run along Lake Idro up to Lake Garda are all green, as

are the huge forests that cover the valley up until Trentino Alto-Adige. The Valle Sabbia is perfect for nature lovers, offering enjoyable trips by moun- tain-bike, motorbike or car.



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