Lago di Valvestino Alto Garda Dogana

Lake Valvestino

Lake Valvestino is a surprisingly charming artificial basin which in some areas reminds you of wonderful Norwegian fjords. It is located by the road which connects Lake Idro to Lake Garda and is regulated by Ponte Cola dam built along Toscolano stream.

The stunning landscape of Lake Valvestino

As you leave Lake Idro on your left, you take the road toward Capovalle and after a few km you start getting glimpses of the lake that will capture your heart. The first thing that will strike you is the colour of its waters: bright light blue in the summer and deep dark blue in the winter. The shadows of the surrounding mountains also create charming effects: their reflection on the lake creates nuances of rare beauty.


Defining features of this lake are its tall cliffs and the presence of wonderful fjords, which often evoke a comparison with Scandinavian landscapes. It’s a tranquil place with one scenic element after another, away from Lake Garda’s crowds. At the end the, imposing dam will come into view unexpectedly.

The winding road along Valvestino is particularly popular among motorbike riders, especially in the summer. If you are a lonely rider, you will be happy to know that in the other seasons it is easy to ride for several km without meeting anyone. 

Independently of the means of transportation you are using, we recommend stopping at one of the rest areas to enjoy this unique panorama. We don’t want to reveal more … It’s up to you now! 

What to do and eat in Valvestino

Valvestino is a land full of surprises. In addition to the namesake lake, other things to see are the traditional barns of Cima Rest, which you can rent for the weekend, the Astronomical Observatory, and ValvestinoEthnographic Museum. Among the local food&wine specialties, Tombea stands out. This tasty hard cheese is a Slow Food Presidium and has the PAT denomination (Traditional Agrogastronomic Product).

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