Land Art with the artists of Bienno


Daniela Gambolò - Borgo Artisti Bienno - Artist

Via Carotti, 5 – Bienno (BS)
From April to October except the month of August, every day.
Reservation 3 days in advance.
2 hours
Min 2 – Max 4
Italian, English
€ 20 per person

Hands, grass, hay, and a lot of creativity: figures from nature

Artista di Bienno Land Art Daniela Gambolò

The Experience

You can do extraordinary things with nature and with your hands. It is called Land Art and is one of the many frontiers of creativity that Daniela is exploring. She is a resident artist of Borgo degli Artisti in Bienno. In her historical stonewall workshop where a lot of art saw the light, she develops and makes very expressive art using different techniques. Her originality and passion for research are particularly evident in her work with natural elements like grass and hay. These are substantial installations, some of which are displayed in the historic centre of Bienno, and represent figures ranging from animals to small utensils and creative representations.
Daniela will introduce us to Land Art. She will explain the specific elements of this artistic method before we dig into hay yarns, cord reels, and the smallest iron wire. Our hands will be the protagonists of this experience, the
critical tools that will channel our artistic energy and will enable us to create a small work of art. Following Daniela’s suggestions, an object will materialise and will be the tangible result of this unique, sustainable eco-experience.

Aimed at

Adults, families, and children curious about natural art and passionate about hand-made creations.

What to bring


What you bring home

The discovery of Borgo degli Artisti residency program in Bienno, the creative complicity of Daniela, and the hay creation made with your own hands.

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