Raffaella’s tagliatelle


Famiglia Zordan - Cascina Maddalena - Farm

Cascina Maddalena
Via Maddalena 17, 25019 Lugana di Sirmione (BS)
From May to mid-September
Every day with a one-week notice.
Every Thursday at 9.30am with a three-day notice.

2,5 hours
Min 2 – Max 16
Italian, English
€ 79 per person

Home-made pasta tips that you won’t find in recipe books

The experience

Elisa and “mamma” Raffaella are the women leading Cascina Maddalena, a three-generation family-owned farm producing wines, mostly Lugana DOC.
However, our visit will quickly reveal that Cascina was able to expand its horizons to look beyond wine making. You will enjoy views of the vegetable garden, home-made jams, a farm restaurant with a traditional Brescian meat spit machine, cooking classes for tourists, and more.
Home-made pasta made with fresh eggs and mill-ground flour is the dish that Elisa and Raffaella like to share the most with their chefs-to-be. There are many options. Just pick one. You can combine winery tours, a “rolling pin” cooking class, and picking vegetables in the garden. Everything is possible.
For us, they have organized a master-chef-like set-up with individual cooking stations, where everyone will make dough for tagliatelle (with tomato sauce or butter-and-sage sauce) and stuffed pasta. These are recipes traditionally made for the household, but they are no less complex. Ingredients must be carefully selected and correctly measured, the dough must be kneaded and rolled with specific techniques, and don’t forget the cooking! Since presentation is also important, you will learn how to plate. Finally, enjoy the result, with a fork in your hand and a carefully paired wine glass by the plate.
You will learn about Cascina but also the tricks of good cuisine. You will share emotions, just like a family.

Aimed at

Adults who are passionate about traditional cuisine and are curious to learn Raffaella’s secrets. Those who love natural food and wine.

What to bring

Nothing. Cascina will provide apron and recipes

Cosa ti porti a casa

The warmth and conviviality of this family.
The art of making pasta.
Cascina Maddalena’s recipes.

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