Let’s “make” pork!


Osvaldo Valzelli – Laboratorio Nurcinus

Via Signaroli, 51/53 – Borgosatollo (BS)
From January to October. Friday and Saturday.
Notice: 48hrs
2 hrs
Min 2 - Max 4
Italian, French
€ 20 per person

Traditional Brescian salami and cured meats

The Experience

Nurcinus is a modern, efficient workshop in the town of Borgosatollo. Osvaldo has introduced upgraded, state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to the long-standing pig family business that he learnt for his father Girolamo. They produce cured meats following the methods and recipes of the Brescian tradition, tying them by hands and using natural casings. This deep passion has kept the strong relationship with the region alive for over 30 years, starting from the careful selection of the raw material, the excellence of the ingredients that go into the finished product, correct processing, attentive drying, and slow aging. This is how Osvaldo obtains the most from the pig and prepares deli specialties that can delight even the most demanding palates. For us, he will open the doors of his workshop, will tell us its story, and will put in our hands his precious ground pork meat. Our job will be to transform it into salami. At the end, the salami will be hung to the ceiling while our taste buds start to long for some. It’s the long awaited moment of the salami tasting. Enjoy!

Aimed at

Adulti curiosi del mondo norcino e appassionati di gastronomia. Chi apprezza il buon salame e i salumi in genere.

What to bring


What you bring home

The history of a family and the visit to Nurcinus workshop led by Osvaldo. The salami that you made following the traditional Brescian recipe and the suggestions on how to age it or eat it “fresh.”


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