Luigi Marzoli Arms Museum

Via Castello 9 - Brescia
  San Faustino

One of the most precious treasures preserved inside the walls of Brescia’s Castle is Luigi Marzoli Arms Museum. It hosts one of the most important European collections dedicated to ancient arms and armouries. It’s a fascinating journey back in time. The whole collection is a generous bequest of Brescian entrepreneur Luigi Marzoli, who passed away in 1965.

A unique collection in Europe

Helmets, cuirasses, swords, halberds, guisarmes. And then, 15th century armours, firearms, and beautiful parade shields with elaborate decorations. There is even a whole room dedicated to luxury arms.

Museo delle Armi in Brescia is an exciting dive into the past, from the times of the cavalry to the most modern defensive devices. The museum is organised on two levels for a total of 10 exhibition rooms. You will admire the ingenuity of our ancestors, follow the evolution of tactics and strategies, and appreciate the aesthetical details of these priceless items. It’s worth mentioning that several of these arms were built in the province of Brescia, which has a longstanding tradition in this manufacturing sector. The building itself is noteworthy. Indeed, the museum is hosted in Visconti tower (Mastio). You can admire the medieval frescoes in Sala del Mastio and the remains of the old Roman temple in the lower level.

Outside the museum, you will be able to relax in the castle’s beautiful park, the ideal destination for a family stroll and wonderful panoramic views of the city.

Plan your visit to the Arms Museum

The Arms Museum is in via Castello 9, Brescia.

There is an ample parking lot nearby. Otherwise, you can walk up the hill from the city centre (about 15 minutes).

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