Make your own sweater!


Betty Concept – Designer & tailor

Casa Betty Concept – Corso Cavour, 18 - Brescia
All year round except December.
Monday to Friday: from 3pm to 5pm
Sunday from 10am to 12pm
48 hour notice.
2 hrs.
Min 2 - Max 8
Italian, English.
€ 39 per person

Creative tailor-made reuse workshop

The experience

Betty and Bettyconcept: two bodies and one soul
Betty is the designer, tailor, creative mind, and entrepreneur. She is the woman who was able to cultivate her aspirations and turn them into a profession and a way of life. And Bettyconcept is the project where she combines creativity with the desire to create a world where all women are protagonists. “With fun, just a pinch of wisdom, extensive research, and a lot of heart, I am trying to develop a women-run support network every day.” These are her words and they give you the idea of the kaleidoscope which rotates around her tailor-made shop. It’s a multicultural habitat rooted in Betty’s Vietnamese background which sprouts into bright, colourful creations, unusual matches, and shapes which are a nod to Eastern taste.
The workshop and showroom are places where you can have fun, learn, explore your inner self, and let your fantasy and uniqueness free. A creative reuse workshop to change perspective – and maybe even style – where everyone can create their own sweater. With Betty and her staff, we will make a one-of-a-kind item of clothing, starting from cloth remnants and warehouse leftovers and ending with a perfectly fitting garment.
Nothing is out of fashion here! Word of Bettyconcept.

Aimed at

First, women and their children, but also all those who wish to learn how to sew and make a sustainable, unique garment.
In general, creative people who want to experience an original – and fun! – concept.

What to bring

Nothing. All necessary items will be provided.

What you bring home

Energy, passion, engagement, colours, fabrics, models, ideas,… women! If this is not enough, add the sweater created by you and a paper tutorial to make another one at home.


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