Nostrano Val Trompia DOP

Nostrano Val Trompia DOP Cheese Festival


From 11 to 12 August 2018

Piazza Mondaro - Pezzaze

Enjoy Trompia Valley’s traditional cheese during a festive event full of music and games

Trompia Valley’s cheese production tradition is centuries old; the first traces date back to the end of the 15th century. Among the best known products of this area is Nostrano Val Trompia, a hard cheese which in 2012 obtained the DOP denomination (Protected Origin). The Brescia region is proud to call this cheese the only DOP cheese which can only be produced within the provincial limits.

Quite rightly, Nostrano Val Trompia DOC is celebrated every year with a festival completely dedicated to this cheese.

Nostrano Val Trompia DOP Festival, where gourmands meet every year

Every year in mid-August, the village of Pezzaze hosts the Nostrano Val Trompia DOP Festival. Some cheese producers are located in Pezzaze, Upper Trompia Valley. Other producers of this local delicacy are in the villages of Collio, Bovegno, and the surrounding mountains.

The heart of the festival is Piazza Mondaro square, in the middle of the village. In a festive atmosphere full of music and games, the unrivaled protagonist of the 3-day event is Nostrano cheese. The festival also offers tastings of craft beer, cheese, salami and demonstrations of how typical products are produced.

This event represents the ideal opportunity to discover the region. During the weekend of the festival, it is possible to join a tour to discover mines and how miners worked, and medieval towns.

Nostrano Val Trompia DOP: characteristics

Nostrano Val Trompia DOP is a hard, pasteurized, semi-fat cheese produced throughout the year. It is produced from raw milk with the addition of saffron. It is shaped like a cylinder with diameter between cm 30 and 45 and the color is yellow (straw) with a green-yellow nuance. It is ripened for minimum 12 months.

For detailed information and for the production protocol, visit the website Official Website.


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