“Prosperity” pastry in Camonica Valley


Famiglia Salvetti – BAKERY - PASTRY SHOP

Via Nazionale, 93 – Malonno (BS)
All year round.
From Monday to Saturday, from 2pm to 4pm.
48 hour notice.
2, 5 hrs.
Min 6
€ 20 per person

From the recipe to the oven: let’s make spongada

The experience

Family and flour are the ingredients of the Salvetti family history. Since 1885, they have kneaded and baked biscuits and leavened products in Camonica Valley. Spongada, the traditional pastry of the valley, is their signature production. The family is particularly proud to be offering a product which represents the soul and taste of local tradition.
Armando and Alessandro are our guides along this journey. With them, we will access the bakery workshop to watch some of the stages of production. Biscuits and shortbread biscuits for all tastes, made with chestnut or rye whole flour, large grissinis, and … spongadas. This last product is what we will focus on.
First the story, then the tasting. We will learn about the history, secrets, and recipe of this local product, then will shape the dough, garnish, and bake.
Waiting to enjoy our well-deserved and unforgettable tasting, we will be inebriated by the sweet smell coming from the oven.

Aimed at

Adults, families, and children. Pastry and baked products lovers, people passionate about old recipes and the sweet world of biscuits and leavened products.

What to bring


What you bring home

Pastry stories, recipes of times past, flour sprinkled over you, hands-on learning, guided tasting, and a spongada box.


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