Rocca d'Anfo

Rocca d’Anfo, majestic trench perched over the lake

This fortress today has been turned into a destination for tourists and enthusiasts. Its long history starts in the 15th century when the Rocca was built with a double purpose: defensive fortification and border control with what is now Trentino region. It was modified several times, especially during Napoleon’s rule; by World War I, it had lost its strategic function and was only used as ammunition and supply storage. After years of disrepair and neglect, about 10 years ago work started and led to the reopening of portions of the complex, which can be visited through guided tours upon reservation.

Rocca d'Anfo

Rocca d’Anfo is a grandiose construction composed of parapets, walls, towers, and barracks. Guided tours touch some of the most important areas, including the Venetian portion by the lake, barracks in the Napoleon addition, and the observation post. The museum, designed by volunteers, is extremely interesting.  Finally, special mentions go to the stairs leading to the top of the fortification and the Belvedere panoramic spot. Rocca d’Anfo, a one-of-a-kind monument in an incredible natural setting.

Plan your visit – information

There are two types of tours: the comprehensive tour lasts about 4 hours and the short tour lasts about 2 hours and a half. Please wear mountain gear: boots, rain jacket, sweatshirt, flashlight, and water. Tickets cost  € 8 – € 10 for adults; children 5 years and younger are free, reduced tickets for children 5 to 15 years.

To book your visit, check the  calendar on the official site.