Castello Scaligero, Sirmione

Rocca Scaligera (Castle)


Piazza Castello, 34 - Sirmione

Arriving to Sirmione and finding yourself in front of this splendid castle is an experience that will remain in your heart and your memory forever. Still in very good state and in a strategic position at the entrance to the town, Scaligeri Castle is ready to tell you its story.

And when the night comes, Sirmione becomes the setting of a fairy tale: colourful lights delicately illuminate the castle, their reflections in the water creating a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.   

Castello Scaligero, Sirmione

Sirmione’s castle, what a way to welcome you

The castle is the first to welcome visitors to Sirmione: it’s the only point of access to the old town and was built around 1300 to protect the village and the port. The current pedestrian access is where the drawbridge over the lake waters used to be.

The castle, which over the years was expanded with the addition of the wet dock and ramparts around the village, represents a rare example of fortified port.

Visits and performances at Simione’s castle

When you visit Sirmione’s castle, the first area you see is the main courtyard, surrounded by walls and corner towers.  As you continue, you will find the wet dock courtyard, where the Scaligeri fleet used to seek protection, and a second courtyard with a 146 step staircase leading to the patrol path.  The portico of the castle hosts a Roman and medieval gravestone collection as well as a small exhibition with the most relevant information about the castle.

In the summer, the old castle hosts acclaimed artistic performances. The castle can be visited every day except Mondays. There are bundle tickets for the visit of Scaligeri Castle and Catullus Grottos.


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