Soft hand-made shoes at your feet


ARTESCARPE Stefano Lupatini – shoe designer

Shop/Workshop Artescarpe
Corsetto S. Agata, 2 Brescia
(by Piazza Loggia, in the heart of the city)
All year round except August - Monday morning.
Reservation 7 days in advance.
2 hours
Max 3
Italian and English
€ 35 per person

Meticulous work for a growing art

The Experience

Stefano works alone. The sounds of the few tools that integrate his work as artisan speak on his behalf. You hear the rhythm of the sowing machine, the buzz of the sand paper wheel, a small hammer hitting little nails, and the
thud of the hand-press tool.
Stefano uses cowhide and Vibran rubber. He handles you his creatures: shoes, sandals, bags, belts, notebooks. He perfects them with care. He designed, cut, and assembled each of them and now displays them in his kingdom, the workshop and shop in the centre of Brescia.
He started his adventure as shoe artisan in 2015 and he immediately became passionate about it. He wants to share, teach, and make us experience this passion. He grants us some of his time and workspace, which has a small but well-designed layout.
He will help us make a leather belt from one of the stripes that he has already prepared. We will make the holes for the assembly of the buckle and will adjust the belt to fit our size. We will manually make the belt loop and
the holes to close the belt. A few more passages, some stitches, and voilà: we wilwl have a belt made with our own hands!

Aimed at

Adults who are interested in leather craft. Those who are curious about how shoes and bags are made. Those who need a belt!

What to bring


What you bring home

The professionalism of Stefano, a skillful artisan. The cowhide belt hand-made by us. The distinctive smell of leather and cowhide.

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