The Spirit of the Mountain


Museo della Riserva Incisioni Rupestri di Ceto Cimbergo e Paspardo

Via Piana 29 • Nadro di Ceto


18 March 2018


€ 5,00

A unique phenomenon celebrated since Prehistory. Experience the magic of Spring Equinox in Camonica Valley

On Sunday, March 18 the Rock Engraving Museum of Ceto Cimbergo and Paspardo Reserve organizes a day of celebration for the Spring Equinox, celebrated as sacred event in Camonica Valley since Prehistory.

Indeed, a unique phenomenon occurs on this day, which has fascinated people through the centuries: a beam of light bursts out from a deep crevice of Mount Concarena and creates the so called ‘Marriage of the Sun and the Earth.’


  • 2.30pm meeting at the Reserve Museum
  • Lecture on ‘Shamanism and Druidism
  • 4.00pm walk to the Nature Reserve, the largest protected archaeological area in Camonica Valley, where it will be possible to observe the specific characteristics of the area by analysing rocks, plants, and water springs.
  • 5.30pm walk to the sacred area where you will experience the “Marriage of the Sun and the Earth”.

Information and booking

Cost: € 5. Booking is mandatory by Friday, March 16. 

+39 0364 433465

Lo Spirito della Montagna, Equinozio Valle Camonica

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