The ageless art of Camonica Valley Wood carvers


Workshop in Braone
Località Pallobbia - Braone (BS) 
All year round. 48 hours advance booking.
2 hours
Min 2 - Max 6
€ 35 per person (kids are free).

14Wood and hands create precious, honest objects

The experience

Camonica Valley wood carvers are creatures of the valley, just like their sculptures. For over 50 years, driven by a sincere passion for their land and its traditions, they carve and shape the precious material. Under the pressure of chisel and plane, Swiss pine becomes pliable and can be tamed. Battista, who has more than a few years of experience, is honest about how the carver’s work is different every day, when with patience s/he creates a unique piece every time. Every object is hand-crafted; even when it is a replica, it still retains a touch of originality. There are sculptures, furniture, sacred art, bas-reliefs, decorations, and furnishing accessories. There are a variety of models and artistic styles, from modern to naive.
There is something for us, to: after an introduction to local traditions, we will be handed small traditional sculptures, paints, and brushes. We will infuse light, colour, eyes, and mouth to the raw sculpture, contributing with our creativity and inspiration to the completion of the master artisan’s art.

Aimed at

Adults, families with children, those who are curious and passionate about wood carving and painting. Beginners and experts who want to enjoy the experience of adding life and colour to small forest characters.

What to bring


What you bring home

The professionalism and friendliness of Camonica Valley artisans who share with us the fun of painting traditional statues.
A small sculpture painted by us.

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