The colli dei Longobardi wine route

Enjoyable experiences for the eye and the palate and relaxation among nature just steps from Brescia. It’s the experience offered by Colli dei Longobardi Wine Route, a food&wine route starting from the city and moving south-east to the beginning of the plain.

It includes Monte Netto, with the municipalities of Capriano del Colle and Poncarale, and Rezzato, Castenedolo, and Montirone.

The area has a long-standing wine-making tradition. It is know for the production of several types of wine including the prestigious Capriano del Colle DOC and artisanal cured meats, a staple of the local farming culture. Let’s learn about all the possible opportunities that the route offers!

1. What to see along Colli dei Longobardi Wine Route

The route starts at the foot of Brescia’s Castle and its Pusterla vineyard, an almost 4-hectare surface which represents the biggest vineyard within city limits in Europe.

Historically, the wine produced here was sent to the nuns of Santa Giulia Monastery, built by King Desiderius. Today, the vineyard is managed by Monte Rossa winery.

Vigneto Pusterla 2

The route then leads you to the plain towards Pontegatello, known since the Middle Ages for the first lodging for wayfarers, then turned into an osteria, and Azzano Mella, a property donated by Charlemagne to San Salvatore Monastery in Brescia in the 11th century.

From there, you travel to the gentle hills of Monte Netto and Capriano del Colle, a visit which still today combines the tranquillity of these places with their long history testified by rich mansions, castles, and watchtowers. The roads flanking the vineyards are very charming. They are ideal for relaxing, peaceful walks or bike rides.

As you move east, you pass through Flero, Poncarale, Montirone, Castenedolo, Rezzato, Botticino, and finally Montichiari, encountering a cornucopia of local excellencies, historic villas, and medieval settlements.

Here are some not-to-miss attractions:

  • Botticino Marble Museum provides an deep dive into the history of the marble quarries and marble production;
  • PinAC – Rezzato art gallery, museum, and early childhood research centre.

2. Typical products

Among the typical products of Colli dei Longobardi Wine Route, the place of honour goes to a local wine made with Barbera, Incrocio Terzi, Marzemino, Merlot, Sangiovese, Schiava Gentile, and Trebbiano Lugana grapes: Capriano del Colle DOC.

Vigneti Colli Longobardi

Other noteworthy wines are Botticino DOC and “Ronchi di Brescia” wines, which obtained the IGT denomination.

Some members of the Wine Route also sell cured meats, salami, honey vinegar, and Valverde honey. As already mentioned, Pusterla vineyard also has jams and grappas.

3. Bicycle tourism itineraries

To fully admire the charm of this area, there are no less than six bicycle tourism itineraries that you can follow.

From the circuit connecting Mount Maddalena with Botticino to the ride along Chiese river, Colli dei Longobardi Wine Route offers trails suitable for both expert riders and family outings.

The routes are .gpx traced.



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