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The colli dei Longobardi wine route

The Brescia plains are one of the most productive agricultural ar- eas in Italy: long-duration plantations, livestock, milk production and manufacturing, and the rediscovery of ancient crops make it one of the most interesting agricultural areas. The local cuisine also bene ts from this abundance and it is promoted by the Colli dei Longobardi (Longobard Hills) wine route. This begins from Brescia and continues into the marble quarries of Botticino up to Montichiari. passing through the hills of Capriano del Colle and arriving back in the city.

Since ancient times, this area has been used for wine production, in particular in support of the needs of the city, an ancient Gallic village and outpost of Roman civilisation. The itinerary starts at the foot of the Castle of Brescia, at the Pusterla vineyard (the most active urban vineyard in the world), from which the sole wine of the city is obtained. Botticino, a small area producing DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) wine, is especially known for its marble, which was used for the construction of the White House in Washington and of the Altare della Patria monument (Altar to the Fatherland) in Rome. Going south, one reaches Capriano del Colle, a wooded area with fertile farmlands, which belong to the most important families in Brescia. From the slopes of Monte Netto, highly appreciated red and white wines are obtained. This is the perfect region for bike rides, wine cellar tours and the tast- ing of casoncelli – the local ravioli variety – and of other tradition- al dishes from this area. The itineraries offered by the route bring together history, food and wine and outdoor activities, which make your experience in the province of Brescia unforgettable.

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