The essence of earth and spirit


Azienda agricola - Buoni Frutti Farm by Sabrina Lee

Via Legnago 52/b - Villanuova sul Clisi (BS)
Outside, in a strawberry field.
June, July, August, and September.
From 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Tuesday (in English) and Saturday (in Italian)

1 day notice.
1 h
Min 3 - Max 15
Italian, English
€ 15 per person

Group sound meditation

The experience

It is in 2012 that Sabrina changes her life, when, thanks to a Permaculture course, she discovers the beauty and richness of the earth. A passion is born, an intuition about the close connection between earth and spirituality which brings to real rooting, meaning the awareness of the joy of living and psycho-physical harmony. It is both a concrete and spiritual journey which Sabrina interprets and lives through the cultivation of different types of strawberries and berries while practicing her own rooting method (CABA – Cosmos And Body Alignment). The result is a group sound meditation.
Sabrina offers this 360-degree experience in her strawberry field. Through her voice, a few 432hz bells, and a drum, she guides us through a shared sound meditation. The sounds channel energy and emotions; the meditation helps the release of burdens, and harmony aligns body and mind. Of course, the experience includes an explanation about the art of cultivating excellent strawberries.
In search of goodness and essence, between earth and spirit.

Aimed at

Adults interested in meditation techniques and psycho-physical rooting.
Those who are curious about the art of growing strawberries and experimenting CABA.

What to bring

Yoga mat and blanket

What you bring home

The knowledge and the practice of a rooting method, the concrete experience of a natural harmonisation path which connects the earth with the spirit.
The story of Sabrina and her passion for CABA and strawberries!



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