The meats

via roma - serle

A skewer of meat served with polenta and accompanied by a nice glass of red wine is probably the best known dish. With Autumn beginning and the hunting season on its way, it’s the perfect way to spend time with friends savouring delica- cies: chicken, rabbit, pork ribs and loin cut into pieces and put onto a steel skewer, then cooked for ve to six hours on a roasting spit in a special closed room, basted with moun- tain butter and accompanied by polenta and roast potatoes. Serle and Gussago are the areas in Brescia which claim the paternity to this dish.

Other historical dishes are also oven-roasted goat (with a decisive yet delicate taste) and beef in olive oil from Robato, stewed for hours and basted with the sweet avour of the olive oil from Brescia, a traditional dish linked to the live- stock market which has been regularly held in Rovato for centuries.

In the Brescia plains, there is a preference for tasty rst courses, ravioli with a cheese, egg, breadcrumb, and beef lling, served with melted butter and grated cheese. Polenta is also typical – a dish of humble origins which is perfect with roasts as well as sh recipes. Polenta is made from corn our and water, and is often produced in classic little mills still in operation.


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