The primitive jewel


Fabio Peloso

Artist and Designer

Via Monte Colmo, 24
Edolo (BS)
All year round, by reservation with 48hrs notice
2 hours, morning or afternoon
Min 2 - Max 4
Italian, English and German
€ 45 per person

The art of moulding a precious pendant all for yourself

Fabio Peloso artista artigiano

The experience

Fabio gets his inspiration from the prehistoric rock engravings scattered all across Camonica Valley, a region which has been inhabited for thousands of years and has been the corridor for countless migrations over the centuries. Fabio tells the history of this region through his jewels.

He expresses his art with simplicity and passion. He explains the mould shaping technique using a cuttlebone, gives us a cutter, and follows our moves. He melts silver right on the spot and helps us pour it in the mould which contains the shape of our jewel: a pendant or necklace reproducing some of the oldest rock engravings.

When the metal is cold, the jewel will be extracted from the mould and smoothed. In a few minutes, it will be handed to us, ready to wear. A unique, custom-made piece.

Aimed at

Adults passionate about rock engraving art, hand-made jewelry, creativity and beauty, and who want to learn a technique which can be repeated also outside of Fabio’s workshop.

What to bring


What you bring home

The knowledge, professionalism and friendliness of Fabio. A hand-crafted silver pendant.

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