The scent of lemons


Frutto del Garda

Gabriella Proserpio

Frutto del Garda
Via Campaldo, 12
Limone sul Garda (BS)
All year round, by reservation with 24hrs notice
2 hours, morning or afternoon
Min 4 - Max 8
Italian, English, German
€ 8,00 per person

The garden of wonders in Limone sul Garda

Frutto del Garda

The experience

Gabriella and Giovanni are very proud of their organic garden, which they have developed over the years and where they grow 150 type of plants, mostly citrus. The over 40 citrus species include lemon, cedar, bergamot, myrtle-leaved orange, lime, grapefruit, konquat, etc. The garden includes a vertical terrace of dry stone walls and carefully tended greenery, accompanied by the indication of the plants’ botanical name.

Unique smells and aromas fill the garden; your eyes will be captured by the unrivaled view of the lake below.
Even just being there is a true experience, but the creativity of Gabriella and the friendliness of Giovanni add even more depth to the visit. Time seems to have stopped in the garden. We spend our visit looking carefully at everything and preparing some citrus-based recipes, such as summer drinks and infusions for the cold season. Every ingredient is natural. There will also be a sampling of jams and products made using ingredients from the garden.

Upon request, Gabriella can also set up painting sessions.

Aimed at

Adults (and families) passionate about natural settings and ingredients, who wants to learn the tradition of lemon growing on Lake Garda and experience their smell and taste.

What to bring


What you bring home

Breathtaking views of a timeless place, the smell and taste of various citrus species, and original citrus-based, easily repeatable recipes.

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Limonaia del Castèl in Limone sul Garda, to appreciate the origins of a flourishing economy which developed around 1700. Limone and the surrounding villages where the northernmost commercial citrus production area in the world. Until after the second half of the 19th century, lemons were exported to Germany, Poland, and Russia, guaranteeing work and solid revenues for the locals.


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