The secret of the pipe organ sound


Gianluca Chiminelli - Bottega Organaria

Laboratorio in Via G. Gheza, 14 – 25047 Darfo Boario Terme (BS)
All year round, from Monday to Saturday.
Reservation 4 days in advance.

Reservation 4 days in advance.
2 hrs
Min 4 - max 12
Italian - English and French upon request.
€ 15 per person

Bringing harmony back through careful restoration
Bottega Organaria di Chiminelli in Valle Camonica

The experience

In this journey, we will discover the secrets of the pipe organ, including how “the Sound” is produced. Gianluca, Master organ builder, has worked for over thirty years as restorer and builder of this ancient instrument. He welcomes us in his workshop to show us his passion for the care and quality of sound, complemented by his three decades as a member of La Scala orchestra in Milan as cello player.
Gianluca’s tour is an itinerary touching the most significant and uncommon components of the organs he is restoring, which made this instrument the most complex ever built until modern age. His art combines several skills, including wood carving, metal work, pipe building and tuning, and the use of rare and exclusive materials to create the different components.
It is an absolutely fascinating experience which culminates in the all-vertical creation of a small wooden organ pipe – which works! For a few hours, we will become expert organ builders ourselves.

Aimed at

Adults, families, and children. Music lovers, musicians, and more. All those who want to learn more about a world unknown to many.

What to bring


What you bring home

Gianluca’s passion and his explanation about the art of organ building. The knowledge of a world that transcends sound and music. The small working wooden pipe made with the Master.

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