The sounds of wine


Azienda Agricola - La Guarda Farm

Via Zanardelli, 49 Muscoline
Every day. 48 hour notice.
2 hrs.
Min 2 - Max 8
Italian and English
€ 40 adults - € 20 children

Sensory tasting at the rhythm of music

Francesca e Gigi, titolari dell'Azienda agricola La Guarda

The experience

The Negri family has farmed and produced wines for 4 generations. Today, grape harvest and wine making are in the hands of Gigi and his wife Francesca, both deeply enamoured with Valtenesi. Motivated by passion and innovative spirit, they live on the highest vine-covered hill of the valley. This position is unique for its climate and its rocky, sandy soil. The vineyard is their second home. The family wine varietals – Groppello, Barbera, Marzemino and Sangiovese, typical of Brescia’s side of Lake Garda – are ready to surprise and thrill you.
Gigi and Francesca will entertain us with a one-of-a-kind blind-folded tasting with music in the background. A sound for each glass – for a total of 5. So, great wine, excellent music, and tasty local products. Cured meats, cheeses, jams, bread with Lake Garda extra-virgin olive oil. This journey does not neglect any of the five senses. And, for the most adventurous, the visit to the vineyard is blinded and barefoot. A true surprise!

Aimed at

Adults, families with children over six years old, wine and winery enthusiasts.
Tasters intrigued by the idea of being accompanied by good music.

What to bring

Comfortable clothing.
Extra socks for those who visit the vineyard barefoot when the weather allows it.

What you bring home

The contagious enthusiasm of Gigi and Francesca.
One unique tasting which encompasses all the senses (5 glasses for adults, fruit juice for children).
One bottle of wine of La Guarda winery.


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