The world in a cup: bitter and sublime


CAFFE'AGUST - Roasting Facility - Corsini Family

Via Allegri, 127 Brescia
From Monday to Friday (from 8 to 10 am or 2 to 4 pm).
10 days advance booking.
2 hours
Min 4 – Max 12
Italian, English
€ 15 per person

Sensory journey into the world of signature coffee

caffè Agust

The experience

For over 60 years, Agust, a coffee roasting company currently led by Marco Corsini, has been selecting prestigious bean varieties from the largest coffee plantation areas in the world: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and India. Several coffee varieties arrive in Brescia, are skillfully mixed and roasted, and continue their journey to reach the best coffee and pastry shops in the region. Coffee is a marvellous journey of discovery. It touches multiple geographies and populations, develops cultures and competences, and captures the senses of coffee connoisseurs and daily espresso consumers. It doesn’t matter if you drink at the coffee shop or at home; if you use a coffee machine, pods, or filters. What matters is that coffee is available and of the utmost quality. Sustainability is part of Agust’s mission. They produce an organic blend and guarantee that the product is absolutely natural according to Fair Trade criteria.
Fabio, the trainer of Agust Coffee Academy, will guide us through an unusual sensory and cultural experience. We will see the bean processing equipment and enjoy sampling some of the most fascinating coffees in the world.
The world in a cup!

Aimed at

Those who can’t live without coffee! Those who are passionate and curious about the origin and production techniques of the black gold in their cup.

What to bring


What you bring home

A journey to the plantations and the aroma of a great espresso. The taste of the perfect cup.
A bag with the best Agust blends.

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