Tignale, a hidden gem

Located in the heart of Parco Alto Garda Bresciano (Brescian Upper Lake Garda Park) and touching the lake shore, Tignale is a true treasure trove of experiences. From Pra dela Fam beach to the old olive groves on the hills, all six hamlets composing the municipality of Tignale offer breathtaking views which will form indelible memories in your heart and soul.

Trekking lago di Garda

Tignale has obtained prestigious awards, including the Italian Touring Club orange flag and the creation of Lake Garda Lemon Garden Eco-Museum in the Pra dela Fam lemon garden in 2011. This is a community development project aimed at preserving the historical, cultural, and environmental heritage of the area.

Are you ready to be surprised? Come with us to learn more about this incredible gem on Lake Garda.

Tignale, a slow tourism destination

Thanks to the intense activity of the tourism office, open all year round, those who want a slow, quality holiday can find all the support they need in Tignale. Hospitality services combined with the local social predisposition to welcoming guests, planning events, and enjoying local festivals create a perfect destination for tourists. Food&wine are very important in the area: farm-to-table products and traditional recipes are the staples of several restaurants and osterias in Tignale.

Tignale, Lake Garda (Italy)

Thanks to its panoramic spots and a comprehensive system of well-marked trails, Tignale is also a popular destination among hikers. The whole inland area offers several opportunities for excursions on foot or by bike, with trails encompassing all six hamlets and the beautiful lake portion of the municipality.

How to reach Tignale

Reaching this promontory is an experience in itself. The main road leading to Tignale is scenic provincial road SP 38, stemming from the coastal road Gardesana Occidentale between Gargnano and Campione del Garda. The silver of the olive trees, the green of the holly oaks, turns, and panoramic spots of the lake alternate along this gentle climb. Before reaching your destination, take a break at the at “Fil” panoramic terrace. You will be enchanted by the view!

Trekking Lago di Garda

Hiking enthusiasts cannot miss the opportunity to reach Tignale on foot following Bassa Via del Garda, a beautiful trail at mid-altitude showcasing the natural, environmental, historic, and architectural elements of Parco Alto Garda Bresciano.

This excursion lasts about 4-5 hours and starts from the parish church of St. Martino di Gargnano. Follow the ascending trail marked with number 230 until Muslone (which is the start on another possible, shorter circuit). Then, follow trail 265 for a short while until Piovere di Tignale from which – crossing forests, streams, and waterfalls – you reach Aer. Gardola, where the Town Hall of Tignale is, is only a couple of kilometres away on an easy flat road. After a well-deserved stop and a good aperitif in the main square, you can return through a different path to create a circuit or use public transportation, which operates Monday to Saturday (the best bus is the one departing Gardola at 4:05pm).

Sports and relaxation by the lake

Spiaggia Prà de la Fam, Tignale

Tignale’s lake shore is a true panoramic gem. The colourful harbour area boasts several water sports facilities. The majestic Pra dela Fam lemon garden is also by the lake. This is one of the most well-known lemon gardens on Lake Garda and an extraordinary tribute to the tradition of lemon cultivation in this area. By the lemon garden is Pra dela Fam beach, recently restored, a peaceful oasis where you can relax, bathe, and enjoy the refreshments available at the lake front food stand.

Things to see and do in Tignale

Pra dela Fam lemon garden

By the lake, near the harbour of Tignale and the namesake beach, your eyes will be captured by the sight of the pillars of majestic Pra dela Fam lemon garden. Strategically located on the sunniest portion of the lakefront between cliffs overlooking the road and the water, the lemon garden is a precious example of how lemon was cultivated in this area starting from the 17th century. Lemon production is the reason why the western coast of Lake Garda became known all over Europe.

Limonaia Prà de la Fam, Tignale

Restored in 1985 with a structural strengthening intervention, the lemon garden was covered with a permanent roof again and saw the installation of closing elements on the side facing the sun which reproduce the original ones. Since then, citrus production has restarted and the lemon garden is covered and closed using traditional techniques. Since 2011, it has become part of the national eco-museum system, a testament to the hard work of growing lemons, a complex where visitors discover a unique habitat for lemons and other citrus trees like mandarins, cedars, grapegruits, and bergamots. Since 2017, the lemon garden has been open to the public for guided tours and tastings. There is a small shop inside to sample and purchase organic products made with the fruit produced in the garden such as limoncello, lemon syrup, citrus marmalade, and citrus-flavoured oil.

For information, visit the official website of Pra dela Fam lemon garden.

Montecastello Shrine

Symbol of Tignale, Montecastello Shrine stands on a limestone spike perched over the lake. It was built on an older temple which had subsequently been turned into a castle. The shrine contains the “Holy House”, a small church probably dating from the 9th century A.D., with precious frescoes by the Giotto school and the biggest ex Voto in Europe depicting the last moments of life of bandit Zanzanù, dating from the 1600s.

Eremo di Montecastello, Tignale

The shrine is accessible both on foot and by car. It has a small restaurant and an unparalleled view of Lake Garda, ranging from the peaks of Mount Baldo to Sirmione.

Farm-to-table products

Among local organic, high-quality products, the extra-virgin olive oil produced by Cooperativa Latteria Turnaria di Tignale stands out. It is produced with hand-picked olives of the “Casaliva” and “Gargnà” varieties which are grown in the terraces of the area according to natural traditional methods. The oil is cold pressed, has a golden nuance, and a fruity taste. Interested people can visit the oil mill, purchase and sample the product, and learn about all the production phases.

Another pride of Tignale cuisine is the exquisite “Rugiada delle Alpi” grappa, made by the old Bettanini distillery since mid-19th century using expert distillation techniques. Fun fact: the grappa was named “Alpine Dew” by famous poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, who highly appreciated this liquor.

Flying Frogs Adventure Park

Located in the green valley at the foot of Mount Cas, Flying Frogs Adventure Park is the ideal place to spend a day in the open air. Managed in compliance with the most stringent European safety regulations, the park offers colour-coded acrobatic trails at different levels. These suspended trails are built around two small lakes famous for being the home of friendly frogs and river shrimp. The large adjacent park is a naturalistic observation point managed by ERSAF (Regional Agency for Forestry and Agriculture) and is the ideal spot for a family picnic enjoying the mild Mediterranean climate and the breeze coming from the surrounding mountains.

Parco Avventura Flying Frogs, Tignale

Hiking enthusiasts will find a trail that leads from the park to a panoramic route along the summit of Mount Cas to reach Montecastello Shrine. Nearby are Brescian Upper Lake Garda Park Museum and the public pool with snack bar.

For information about seasonal opening, hours, and schedule of activities check the website www.tignale.org or contact the Tourist Office: tel. +39 0365 73354 – info@tignale.org.