Tremosine sul Garda

Those who venture into Upper Lake Garda for the first time will not be immune to Tremosine’s charm, with Strada della Forra road, known worldwide for its extraordinary beauty and uniqueness, and the famous “Terrazza del Brivido”, a panoramic spot perched over the lake.

Tremosine: one of the enchanting Most beautiful small towns in Italy

Tremosine is the only Lake Garda town that made it into the “Most beautiful small towns in Italy” list. This is a well-deserved recognition for this large area, composed of 18 hamlets, immersed in the tranquillity of nature and overlooking the lake, with its blue waters that capture your eyes.

After leaving the Gardesana coastal road, you take the exciting Strada della Forra and reach Pieve, the seat of Tremosine’s Municipal Office and Pro Loco Tourism Office. You can stroll along the alleys, observe the ancient wash house, sit for a relaxing coffee break, and admire the breathtaking view from Terrazza del Brivido located by San Giovanni Battista church. This is a terrace hanging in the air at 350 m. of altitude – an impressive panoramic spot from which you can admire the lake, the coastal road, and Mount Baldo. It’s a palette of colours and views that only Lake Garda can boast.

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Strada della Forra, the eighth wonder of the world

This is how Winston Churchill defined “Strada della Forra”: it’s impossible not to feel a thrill when you travel on this road! It’s the main access to Tremosine and was built in 1913 inside a canyon created by the Brasa stream over the centuries. This sinuous split in the mountain is an incredibly scenic road with twists and turns, narrowings, tunnels, gorges, and steep rock walls.

Strada della Forra is one of the favorite routes of the multitude of motorcyclists who every year love to explore the marvels of Lake Garda on their steel horse.

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Flavour and taste of Tremosine

The culinary offering of Tremosine is vast and based on tradition: it ranges from famous “Tremosine Formaggella” cheese to excellent lake fish dishes, cured meats, black truffle cheese, and honey. Visit  the Tremosine Pro LocoTourist Office official website to plan your visit.